Can flowers have thorns?

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Thorns can be found on any part of a plant, including leaves, stems or even around their flowers. However, not all these thorny plants are dangerous. Some of them are cultivated as houseplants or garden plants.

What plants have thorns and prickles?

For example, in the Rose Family (Rosaceae), the hawthorns (members of the genus Crataegus) exhibit thorns (derived from stem tissue), while roses (members of the genus Rosa) and plants in the genus Rubus (blackberries, et al.) have prickles (derived from epidermis).

Which plant has thorns and prickles?

Then there are trees that have thorns and prickles – e.g., Vachellia tortilis. Umbrella thorn and some that have curved thorns and straight thorns such as Ziziphus mucronata, Buffalo thorn.

What are examples of plants with thorns?

Some of the examples of plants which show the presence of thorns are Bougainvillea, Duranta, and climbing Rose. Additional information: The leaves, stipules, or parts of leaves are modified into spines.

What plants have prickles on leaves?

Spinose leaf margin – Some trees and shrubs such as holly (Ilex) species, false holly (Osmanthus), and Oregon grape holly (Mahonia aquifolium) have spiny edges along the margins of their leaves. These marginal spines are extensions of the leaf’s major veins.






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