How do you ask for a toilet in Vietnam?

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The US Foreign Service Institute (FSI) put Vietnamese in the same group as Hebrew, Russian, and Urdu, which means it is a category four language as a “hard language.” They saw that it took their students who spoke English about 44 weeks (1,100 hours) to learn Vietnamese well enough to use it at work.

Where are you from if you speak Vietnamese?

Vietnamese (Vietnamese: Tiếng Việt, lit. ‘Viet <a href="”>language‘) is an Austroasiatic language from Vietnam where it is the national and official language. Vietnamese is spoken natively by around 85 million people, several times as many as the rest of the Austroasiatic family combined.

How do you politely ask for the toilet?

Where’s The Bathroom/ I Need to Go to The Bathroom. Asking “where’s the bathroom?” works in both a public and private setting, and is appropriate for formal and informal situations. Likewise, saying “I need to go to the bathroom” tells people in a polite manner where you’re going.

What is the toilet etiquette in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, people rarely flush the toilet paper since the system can hardly handle it. Therefore, a bin is usually placed by the toilet for you to throw the waste it. Also, do not trust the soap in the washroom. It might be more hygienic to carry with you a hand sanitizer and use it frequently.

How to find a toilet in Vietnam?

It’s important to note that in some cases, you may need to pay a small fee to access a public toilet. For travelers in Vietnam it is the best and easiest to use the facilities in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and shopping malls. Restaurants are widespread throughout Vietnam, and it is often possible to find one nearby.

Does Vietnam use squat toilets?

Most budget lodgings in Vietnam will have squat (Turkish) toilets. These are basically porcelain or plastic holes in the ground with a flat place on each side to plant your feet. They may seem awful at first but they are considerably more hygienic than the western style and are a lot less complicated to install.






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