What does side out mean in sports?

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If you’re not sure how volleyball scoring works, then you probably do not know the term “side-out”. A side-out in volleyball is when the receiving team wins the rally and is afforded the opportunity to serve the ball next. In side-out scoring, you are only able to score a point when you are serving the ball.

Why do they say sideout in volleyball?

A term coined during the serve-to-score era of volleyball, when teams could only <a href=”https://dizisu.com/is-clay-color-brown-or-gray”>register points when they had the serve, a “side-out” referred to when a team won a rally but did not have the serve.Oct 3, 2016

What is a side out called?

The term “side-out” used to refer to an obsolete scoring rule in volleyball called “side-out scoring” under which the winning point could only be scored by the serving team. A side-out is now simply defined as when the receiving team earns the right to serve by winning a point.

What sports use side out scoring?

Side out scoring is a popular way to score a volleyball game. This means that each team takes turns to score points and the team that reaches a predetermined point total first, wins the game. Side out scoring is used in many different levels of volleyball, from recreational to professional.






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