What should I write in Hinge prompts?

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Things like values, interests, and hobbies are great to work into your prompt responses, for example, because it helps people <a href="https://dizisu.com/what-time-is-15-45-in-a-clock”>find things in common with you, opening up the door to conversation. And if you can add a touch of humor, Blaylock-Solar adds, all the better.

What is a typical Sunday Hinge prompt?

“Typical Sunday” If you spend your weekends pursuing your many hobbies, you should definitely write that here. Whether it’s volunteering at a cat shelter, going to the gym, birdwatching in the park, or thrifting, this is a perfect window into who you are.Feb 2, 2023

What is a typical Sunday prompt on Hinge?

“Typical Sunday” If you’re struggling to come up with responses, here are some Hinge-prompt answers for this one: Going to brunch, finding the bottom of the bottomless mimosas, and regretting it on Monday. Battling the Sunday Scaries (and doing laundry). Doing seven days’ worth of self-care in one day.Feb 2, 2023

What are the Hinge photo prompts?

Photo Prompts are very similar to our regular prompts but instead of pairing the prompt with a written answer, you pair it with a photo. To select a Photo Prompt: Within the Hinge app, tap your Photo Icon on the far right of the navigation bar.






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