What to do when iPhone 14 screen goes black?

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The latest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models feature an always on display, that shifts to being dimmed when the iPhone is not in use, but the screen never turns off or goes completely black even when the lock/power button is pressed.Jan 4, 2023

Why does my iPhone 14 background go black?

The black screen wallpaper <a href="https://dizisu.com/what-is-1-pound-in-1-us-dollar.html”>problem seems to happen most often when a wallpaper image is selected from the Photos app, or set through the Photos app action/sharing menu. A workaround to this is to set the wallpaper from within the Settings app instead of directly from the Photos app.

Why is my iPhone suddenly blacking out?

The Issue Comes in the Display Are App Compatibility Issues, Firmware Update Failures, iOS Bugs or Incompatibilities, iPhone storage full, dead battery, screen Break. These could lead to iPhone Black Screen.

Does the iPhone 14 go completely black?

Of course, you can still turn the always-on display off entirely, in which case your iPhone 14 Pro will work like any other iPhone model, going completely dark when the screen is off.






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