Which font does Mrbeast use?

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Obelix Pro is a comic-style font designed by Valentin Antonov. It’s a free font that comes with a personal use license. Mr Beast uses this font in his thumbnails and video subtitles.

What font does MrBeast use?

Wondering what font Mr. Beast uses for his thumbnails? The short answer is Obelix Pro! Yes, you read that right—the eye-catching font used in those popular videos with millions of views is Obelix Pro, which looks really simple but still manages to attract an audience that doesn’t even know MrBeast.

What font is used for YouTube?

YouTube Sans is YouTube’s current default font, developed by Google. It features a sleek and minimalist design that is visually appealing while ensuring optimal readability for users. It also plays an important role in YouTube’s branding and design.

What does MrBeast’s logo look like?

This trademark comprises a wild panther with a square background. The beast has a bolt of lightning beaming from its eye. Overall, the logo looks powerful and ready to attack. Today, MrBeast and his visual ambassador are worth $8 million.






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